Your Adventure. Your Freedom. Your Jeep Bike.

JEEP Bike. Fits in your world.

Since 1941, the JEEP brand has been a symbol of freedom and performance, developed for top performance under rough conditions. The products of the JEEP brand are made for a limitless life.
You are authentic, enthusiastic and always ready to face the world - with your feet firmly on the road, in the mud or on the highest mountain peak. And that's why Jeep bike were developed - to make the most of your desire to explore and experience the world around you.
our service

JEEP 1941 Operational excellence supports customers in every stage of development

We design engineering, frame manufacturing, painting and labeling, bicycle assembly, and supply chain management of bicycles from zero to completion for each customer. We can also customize bicycles according to your requirements or drawings, and we will spare no effort to create cost-effective bicycles for you.We also offer OEM and ODM services to make your idea come true.
  • Design & Engineering

    We understand the needs of our clients, some of whom are leading global bike brands.

    The team with many years of ergonomic bicycle design experience has been recognized and loved by the work.
    We look for the perfect solution in every step of our work in order to make sure that every detail conforms to the customer requirements.
  • Frame Manufacturing

    We engage in a joint process with our customers to develop the ideal bike frame – from the first draft to the finished product.

    JEEP 1941 has the largest modern frame production base in the world, and owns more than 60 bicycle frame production lines, including over 30 hi-ten steel frame lines and over 30 aluminum, carbon fiber and new-material frame lines. .
    It can manufacture hi-ten steel frames, 6069/6061 aluminum frames, carbon fiber frames, magnesium alloy frames and other new-material frames. All products have passed South Korean KS quality system certification, Japan SG certification, US CPSC, European Union EN standards and so on, reaching the world top level.
  • Spraying & Labeling

    Thanks to paint shops that are ready to handle any materials and demands (even silver-plated carbon), we can deal with all imaginable requirements in a flexible way.

    JEEP 1941 has the world-leading intelligent spraying production base with more than 20 modern painting lines, including several high-grade painting lines, several dustless painting lines and one 100,000-class fully enclosed dustless painting line, with superior strength and competitiveness in the Chinese bicycle industry
  • Bicycle Assembly

    JEEP 1941 has an automatic assembly production base with top technology

    Owns 33 bicycle assembly lines, and uses the most advanced assembly line imported from Netherlands, automatic rim assembly equipment, automatic calibrator, automatic knitting machine, electronic torque & anchoring force tool and other internally advanced assembly equipment.
    The advanced processing capabilities make sure that the product implementation ability occupies a leading position in the bicycle OEM industry.
  • Supply Chain Management

    Optimised Flow of Production, Logistics and Distribution

    Safety, flexibility and the optimum ability to deliver – that’s what we can offer our clients thanks to our Global Warehouse Service, consistent cycle time management, and a sophisticated logistics and distribution strategy.
    Modern tools ensure transparency, efficient reporting, fast reaction times, and the best possible after-sales service.
Who Are Our Customers?

JEEP 1941 can help customers create products with the same quality as JEEP bicycles

JEEP 1941, as a high-end brand bicycle manufacturer, can provide customers with professional bicycle solutions. Our clients are diverse, from large and medium-sized companies to young start-ups. Our customers including (brands, Amazon and other e-commerce platform sellers, regional wholesalers, distributors, retailers) all regard us as reliable long-term partners.

Bicycle Distributor

"JEEP 1941 has manufacturing and technical expertise that can help us produce the best bicycles on the market today." Bicycle users have gained the most trusted friends with me, and I am proud to be a partner of JEEP 1941

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  • BIKE - The products of the JEEP brand are made for a limitless life.

  • E-BIKE - The products of the JEEP brand are made for a limitless life.

  • ACCESSORIES - The products of the JEEP brand are made for a limitless life.

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